Dazzle your guests with this one of a kind glittering castle. A classic moon bounce made for any princess!

16'4"L x 15'4"W x 16'H

Up to 10 Players

  • Up to 4 hrs: $198
  • Up to 8 hrs: $226


Everyone stays amused with this bounce and slide combo! Recommended for ages 6 and under.

13'L x 14'W x 8'H
Indoor Use Available
​Up to 6 Players​
  • Up to 4 hrs: $175
  • Up to 8 hrs: $210


How fast can you make it through? Guest can have hours of fun climbing, sliding, dodging, crawling, and racing each other through this large obstacle course! 

40'L x 11'W x 12'H
​Up to 4 Players

  • ​Up to 4 hrs: $310
  • Up to 8 hrs: $375


Wow your guests with the mammoth dual-lane slide. Used as a water slide, this is a great way to keep guests cool on a warm day. Riders may climb up and even race to down to the bottom!

21'6"L x ​24' 6"W x 18'6"H
Up to 2 Players
​Wet or Dry use

  • Up to 4 hrs: $480
  • ​Up to 8 hrs: $560

A classic moon bounce to keep you party jumping! May be used plain or themed.

16'4"L x ​15'4"W x 13'H​

Up to 10 Players

  • Up to 4 hrs:​ $180
  • Up to 8 hrs: $215
  • Themed banner: $20

This brightly colored bouncer was made for superstars! Great for indoor parties and shaded areas!

18'L x 15'W x 8'H
Indoor Use Available
Up to 8 Players
  • Up to 4 hrs: $175
  • Up to 8 hrs: $210


Under PA law, inflatables fall under amusement attractions. At all times, a trained operator is required during the use of an inflatable. An operator can be defined as  "a person actually engaged in or directly controlling the operation of an amusement ride or attraction." Operators should be actively watching riders and not performing any other activities or using technology such as a cell phone or tablet for anything other than time management.

Operators promote safety by having adult presence. They are obligated to ensure safety rules are enforced in order to help prevent any injuries to the participants. Operators should NEVER be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc.

We care about the safety of our patrons and strongly urge customers to consider our offer of adding one of our trained operators to their rentals at an additional cost of $25 an hour/ operator. Although we can train you to fulfill this mandatory position, adding an operator allows you to focus on other aspects of your event. Some inflatables may require more than one operator.

​​Inflatable Rentals

Our inflatable rentals are surely one of a kind. Prices are broken down into 4-Hour intervals to help accommodate all types of events both large and small. Delivery, set-up, and take-down are all included. Each inflatable is cleaned with all-natural cleaning products after each use, registered with state of PA and inspected accordingly. Safety mats and fences are also provided. Please remember that it is the law to always have a designated number of trained operators during the use of our inflatables.

Set-Up Requirement:
           *A Trained Operator is required by law (We may train one for                                                                         you at no additional cost!)

           *May be set up inside with proper measurement
           *Minimal Rain and Wind forecast
           *Room to fit inflatable with a three foot perimeter
           *20-amp Dedicated Outlet (recommended to be fitted with                                                                         a Ground Fault Interrupter)
            *Level ground (no more than 8 inches of slope over 15 feet)
            *Ground must be clear of sharp objects (sticks, rocks, etc.),                                                           as well as pet droppings
            *No low overhanging tree branches, power lines, etc.​
Rental PeriodsRental periods are defined as available "Bounce Time" and do not include the time to set-up or take-down. Although we have set rental periods, you should be available as early as 7 am to receive your inflatable rental. There will be no additional charge if we deliver earlier or pick-up later than your set rental time.